Monday, March 08, 2010

"Cold cases" versus "warm cases"

The black blogger Constructive Feedback (CF), after informing us about the FBI's focus on civil rights "cold cases," i.e., alleged civil rights crimes of the past, then asks whether this agency, or any other, will pursue the thugs who are killing blacks today. He writes: "In our conditioning we are made to believe that the White man who killed a Black person back in 1952 is a greater threat to our community than the Street Pirate who murdered two people last month and is still on the loose."

CF calls it "repulsive" when blacks who commit crimes against others are not held to a standard of "full equality." It is shameful that there are those whose brand of racism fails to ask of blacks "equal measure that is asked of his long time oppressor." Apparently, black inferiority is implied in the very nature of this approach to today's black criminals, since they are too "damaged" to be expected to uphold societal standards. But, of course, CF reasons, black inferiority is the activists' currency.

Here's how the cold case business came about. To show a determination to go after alleged criminals who have gone unpunished for their deeds, in 2007, bills were introduced in the House and Senate "to provide for the investigation of certain unsolved crimes." These laws granted agents of the FBI and Department of Justice authority to plow through old alleged crimes committed against blacks prior to 1969, i.e., during the civil rights period. [See Far from a "post-racial" society: Dredging up the past forever and Dredging up the past-Part 2.]

Over the recent decades, we have witnessed clever blacks who have profited off every conceivable angle involving race. It comes as no surprise that there have always been even cleverer white elites who have made lucrative livings off the story of blacks, as well. One of these whites is Jerry Mitchell, "investigative reporter," who, last year, was recipient of a MacArthur Foundation grant of a half million dollars. With this tidy sum, Mitchell is expected to continue his lifelong hobby of "ferreting out crimes of the 1960s."

I wonder if Mr. Mitchell might consider Constructive Feedback's suggestion, and apply his energies and this financial windfall to pursuing atrocities being committed among blacks in the here and now. Perhaps he could put aside his passionate interest in "cold cases," and pursue, instead, that which CF calls "warm cases."


Constructive Feedback said...

Ms Wright:

(Sorry for being lazy and not going after the link but....) Late last year the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a 5 part series on the broken criminal justice system in Philadelphia. It showed how criminal defense attorneys used stalling tactics to wear down witnesses who tire of taking off from work and paying for transportation to court. This resulted in more criminals on the streets, mostly in Black communities. Did you ever hear about this series on a national level?

When I held this series up to the face of a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist blog some of the members who are in the legal community (sorry - they all work in criminal defense/social justice) ripped the article as untrue and slanted.

To answer your question: If Mr Mitchell pushed too hard, resulting in more "Criminals who are Black" being put in jail he would become "Public Enemy #1" in the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" community.

Their meme is simple. "Fight The Power". Blacks are victims of the system and we must fight the system so that our Black men won't be snatched away from their family and thrown into jail.

They don't mention that their favored people now run the key institutions in our communities where this carnage is happening. They prefer to continue to grow in their power than they are in delivering the results that were promised.

I must ultimately blame the "Black rank and file" for allowing itself to be played for the sake of pride in who is in power.

Elizabeth Wright said...

Constructive Feedback wrote:
I must ultimately blame the "Black rank and file" for allowing itself to be played for the sake of pride in who is in power.

These ignorant, misguided notions about "pride" have a long history among blacks, and the rank-and-file continue to be manipulated by cynical elites. The ordinary black cannot seem to liberate his mind from this dumbness, in order to operate in his own true best interest.