Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The scarcity of posts

It occurs to me that, since I entered only one post in March, and none in April, I'm overdue for an explanation for the scarcity of my opinionated outbursts.

It has to do with poor health. I have discovered that nothing saps the energy more than pulmonary troubles. Yes, nothing focuses the mind more than trying to breathe, and not always succeeding. And nothing is more disappointing than spending 10 days in the hospital and returning home feeling worse than ever -- and guessing that one will never feel better.

Unfortunately, the reconstruction of the new Issues & Views Archive has been interrupted due to above problems, but will soon be underway again.

As energy permits, I shall return to regularly posting on this blog. It's frustrating to watch the news go by, yet be unable to summon the energy to say what's on my mind. Read more!