Thursday, November 03, 2005

They missed out on millions

Here's an interesting response from MH to my remarks about the Amos 'n Andy show.


I have long felt that one of the best shows ever on TV where Blacks could see themselves as honest hard working men and women, families, business people and professionals, was the Amos & Andy show. In my opinion, those who criticized the show because of the antics the King Fish and Andy Brown, not to mention "Lightnin'" missed many positive things but one thing they missed right there in the title was "Amos." Would any critic have anything of a negative nature to say about Amos the cab driver and family man? People are blind and stupid regardless of ethnic background and because of that stupidity, the actors on that show and their heirs have been denied multi millions in royalties that are paid to the actors of the Archie Bunker show and other such comedic TV fare.

Anyway, here is a website you may wish to share where all the Amos & Andy episodes are available on DVD.

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Frank Z said...

Great comment - ideologybeyond money and common sense.