Saturday, September 09, 2006

The divinely sanctioned American state

In an entry to the LewRockwell blog, Charles Featherstone questions the strange development of American Christianity into a belief system that now confuses Ceasar with God. A great many of today's Christians are taught that the church must become a subsidiary of the state. Not only do church leaders demand endorsement by the state of their particular notion of God, they also claim to know when God has returned the endorsement. He writes:

The core of the problem is the American conviction of "chosenness," that God has somehow singled out the United States of America for a special mission in the world. Personally, I'd like to see some evidence for that view, rather than mere assertions based on interpretations of scripture and self-centered wishful thinking.

Did I miss God handing out the law at Plymouth Rock, or making a covenant with Americans at Jamestown or Gettysburg? Did I miss the crucifixion and resurrection of Abraham Lincoln? Did I miss the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Progressives, empowering them to spread the Gospel and save the unsaved through the law and through state power?

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