Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Clinton as warmonger

Author William Blum claims that Americans who feel outrage at the "Bush crime syndicate's foreign policy" should not lose sight of his predecessor's criminal dealings abroad. In "Don't Look Back: Who Said Clinton Didn't Kill Anybody?" (CounterPunch), Blum outlines the Clinton administration's interventions around the world that would warm the heart of any lover of George W. Bush. Here are thumbnail sketches of just a few described by Blum:

Yugoslavia – Contrary to the administration's lies, the great exodus of the people of Kosovo resulted from Clinton's bombing, not Serbian "ethnic cleansing."

Somalia – Presented as a mission to help feed the starving, the Clinton administration not only took sides in this clan-based civil war, but tried to eliminate particular warlords. Attempts by the Americans to kidnap clan leaders resulted in the loss of thousands of Somali lives.

Sudan – The Clinton administration unnecessarily destroyed an important pharmaceutical plant that produced 90% of the drugs used to treat Africa's most deadly illnesses – all due to a rumor that the plant manufactured chemical weapons. (Today's pernicious excuse for destroying property and possessions in other people's lands.)

Sierra Leone – Clinton sent Jesse Jackson to act as his envoy to give greater power to the corrupt Liberian president Charles Taylor, well known for his human rights atrocities against his opponents and for supporting the Revolutionary United Front, a band of government-sponsored cut throats.

Iraq – And, of course, Clinton continued the horrendous economic sanctions against the Iraqi people, devastating almost every aspect of their lives, resulting in the deaths of thousands.

These are just five of the countries described by Blum as negatively impacted by the foreign policy of Bill Clinton. After citing several more of the President's destructive exploits, he reminds us of another horrendous Clinton intervention right here at home, that never had to happen. "And let's not forget the massacre at Waco, Texas," where a blundering, incompetent federal government caused the deaths of over 80 innocent people.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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