Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is this the ultimate whine?

I would like to believe that the Wall Street Journal made up this quote, but I guess I'll have to go along with the fact that Robert Gordon really does exist. In the Journal article, by Gary Fields, "Black Voters Fret Over Obama" (9/12/08), Gordon, a black man, described as a "48-year-old engineering surveyor from Dallas," offers one of the most incredible whines that a black has yet to publicly utter.

The article quotes sources (black talk show hosts, NAACP officials) who suggest that blacks will be disappointed, even despondent, if Barack Obama fails to win the presidential election – since "there is so much about this campaign that people are taking very personally." Here is Gordon's lament:

If he loses, it will shake the very ground that we stand on mentally as far as what we need to be to succeed. From day one, we've been told to be a certain way, to be neat, intellectual, speak clearly. He is the symbol of what we were told to be by our parents and by society as a whole. If this doesn't work, what does that do to our psyche? What do I tell my sons?

In other words, "Big Daddy White Man promised that if I were good, he would give me the appropriate rewards." Rewards that, apparently, include the Presidency of the United States. Good grief!

After I stopped laughing at this quote, I began to reflect: What about those of us who have to face the reality of a country that will not be led by Ron Paul? What about the horror we will experience when we wake up on November 5, to discover that Ron Paul is not President, Chuck Baldwin is not Vice President, and Pat Buchanan is not Secretary of State?

What condition do you think we will be in as we accept the rude truth that we will have to continue to watch our country's ongoing descent to Hell in a handbasket? What do you think that will do to our psyches? Especially after we've made it a point to be neat, intellectual, and to speak clearly!

And, Lord help us, what do we tell "the children?"


Unknown said...

Who are you?! You are simply brilliant! Not only are you intelligent, but you are a great writer! I am subscribing to your blog! Kudos!

Moggy said...

*G* Your version of the whine cracked me up. Second the motion!

NSangoma said...

"12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself"