Friday, December 05, 2008

Can the Republican party be rescued?

Is it possible to imagine the restoration of the Republican party of Robert Taft? Could it happen again? Might the pre-1980s party be restored, as it is removed from the domination of the crazies, i.e., the much-touted "base?"

People like Christine Whitman and John Danforth think the day is drawing near when those millions of Americans who identify themselves as conventional mainstreamers, with no interest in linking their social-theology concerns to their political party membership, will dare to step forward and reclaim Taft's party. There just might come a time when rational Republicans can advance to dominant positions within the party, whether or not they are "Born Again."

For Whitman's perspective, see "Free the GOP" (Washington Post, 11/14/08).

Also see new blog, Secular Right, founded by the City-Journal's Heather Mac Donald and others.


Anonymous said...

Not possible, IMO.

The current Republican party is just slightly different than the other major party. The change in tandem. Each creates the other's problems and then re-create themselves to be the solution.

Sound money (abolish the fed)
Humble foreign policy
Secure borders

It will take a "Ron Paul" type figure in either party to make any type of change.

The base would have to change from its current Nationlistic, Israel is always right mentality. Again, I dont see that happening.

Elizabeth Wright said...

You are probably right. If you are, then the Republican party deserves to stay out of power forever.

Anonymous said...


The Republican Party lost because 1) Bush was an utterly horrible president who lost his moorings as he fell under the influence of Cheney and the Neocons, 2) McCain, who prided himself concerning his working with Democrats to gut the nation and the Constitution, was not much different from Obama, and 3) Obama was a talented politican who was able to capitalize on the above, and became the media darling of the MSM and of liberal whites suffering from white guilt.

How many conservatives, Republicans and other moderates do you think held their noses and voted for Obama rather than vote for a man who was a R.I.N.O.? I'll bet millions. Me? I voted third Party.

The future direction the Republican Party needs to go is obvious. As the Democratic Party more and more becomes the Party of minority and feminist identity politics, sexual perverts, illegal immigrants, tax consumers, entitlement queens, and self-hating whites, those who are none of the above have, at this point and until the 2 party cartel is broken, only the Republican Party to turn to. The Republican Party will either start to openly represent the interests of traditionalist European-Americans, or it will go the way of the Whigs as it tries to remain Democratic Lite.

Let the "moderates" decide, when in the voting booth, whether they wish to remain living in a First World nation or would rather enjoy life in the Third World.