Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush myths and lies

"We owe him gratitude, since there were no attacks after 9/11 on American soil."
"We’ve gone seven years without another terrorist attack."
"He kept us safe."

And this is all these Bush fanatics have -- the one thing that no one can prove or disprove, sort of like God's existence. Was a second attack planned against the US by the original perpetrators, or, considering the many years of planning that went into the first one, was there never an interest in repeating the atrocity? Were those who had the resources to make another strike ever of a mind to do so? Well aware of the grievous damage done, why should the perpetrators feel the need to take any further risks, especially since the element of surprise would no longer be in their favor? How do we know we were protected from anything?

For eight years we were victims of incompetents, who willfully spat on the Constitution, while exasperating the American people to such a degree, that they decided anything would be better than a continuance of the neocon monstrosities who hijacked the government in 2000. Anything -- even electing an African to run the country.


Anonymous said...

I think we've been struggling with incompetents for more than 8 years. Its probably getting close to 20. And it is already looking like we will be suffering through 8 more.

Frank said...

"First One" in 2001?

How about Marines 1983, WTC 1993, Khobar Towers 1996, embassies, USS Cole?

First? Not the last.

Elizabeth Wright said...

You mention only one attack (WTC-1993) that took place on American soil. One can easily interpret the others as retribution for meddling in Middle East affairs, not as a particular desire to attack this country. They were attacks on US entities set up to protect the interests of a foreign country. In fact, the motive behind all of these attacks can be so interpreted. And, you're right. If we continue our past policies, it will not be the last.