Friday, March 13, 2009

More news from the Palin brood

Coming as no news at all, we learn that the celebrated unmarried parents of the country's most celebrated illegitimate baby are not going to tie the knot, after all. Like, we didn't suspect this? A rambunctious young man, popular, and dating several girls, happens to impregnate one of them -- and she's not even his favorite, as the pipeline reported. In this age of permissiveness, what's a young man to do?

So, what happens now, Ms. Palin, when your next daughter becomes pregnant? Observing the free-style living of Bristol, who appears to be enjoying life as a part-time mother, part-time employee, and part-time student, why shouldn't Willow eventually reach for the pregnancy brass ring? And then, why not Piper? Look at all the rewards awaiting these girls, perhaps even a celebratory stint at the next Republican convention. Why not expect such adulation? After all, those wonderful "family values" conservatives, throughout the last election, not only gave their blessings, but assured us that such behavior is okay as long as the principals involved, or their parents, display a fervent attachment to the "correct" political party.

And so continues the riveting family melodrama that helped to bring about the election of Barack Obama. Following is some of the pertinent background already cited on this blog:

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Book - Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!), by Carol Platt Liebau

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