Thursday, June 25, 2009

Palin, still the darling of the mainstream media

My, my, Miz Palin is really playing the aggrieved victim to the hilt, isn't she? She and her acolytes have obviously decided that this is the way to go, in order to shut down her opposition. Is it working for you? Now she's fighting "malicious desecration." I thought that "desecration" referred to sacred things, not to hyped up photos of one's offspring. "Babies and children are off limits," she opines. Coming from Palin, that's got to be some kind of sick joke. What would she know about children being off limits? After publicly desecrating her own children, now they're sacred?

Palin is as laughable as ever, and here is another great Paul Mulshine column on the "conservative" Diva. An excerpt from Why the liberal media love Sarah Palin:

It has long been my contention that the most regrettable development in American politics has been the takeover of the Republican Party by those denizens of the heartland who tended to infest the Democratic Party until quite recently. And I find further confirmation of this in the events involving Sarah Palin and that joke told by David Letterman.

The joke involved may have been tasteless. But taste is not Palin's strength. She first came to prominence parading her pregnant daughter and the daughter's soon-to-be-ex-fiance around the national Republican convention.

Recently the lad has been making the rounds of talk shows informing the country that Palin let him share a room with the poor girl when she was a mere 17 years old. Perhaps I'm revealing my age, but when I was a young lad in the tutelage of the nuns, that sort of lapse would have been considered more scandalous than a mere joke on late-night television. Yet the more Palin's supporters hear of this kind of thing, the greater their ardor for her potential presidential candidacy in 2012.

Most of these people seem to perceive Palin as some sort of a conservative political leader. Nonsense. She has never given any indication that she has an identifiable political philosophy, conservative or liberal. She is not so much a political figure as a sort of national fertility symbol, the Venus of Willendorf reborn as the Venus of Wasilla. ...

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