Saturday, August 01, 2009

As relevant today as yesterday – 02

From time to time, I shall link to articles originally written for the former hard copy newsletter, or for Issues & Views-The Website (now an archive), to highlight features whose themes are still relevant. This is the second of such posts.

The world of John Johnson and Amos 'n Andy [2005]
It's hard to believe (or maybe not) that the supposedly prestigious NAACP could have had a beef with the satirical Amos 'n Andy show, and today grants awards to rapping, hip-hopping fools, who are among the creators of some of the filthiest forms of entertainment.

• • •

The onward march of government repression [2005]
Many a conservative believed that the removal from D.C. of [Bill] Clinton's crew would put government abuse into remission. Little did we know the further depredations to constitutional law that were waiting round the bend -- this time, in the cause of "national security."
• • •

Bound to the horror stories of the past [2006]
If there were any doubts that black elites plan to keep the fires of victimhood burning for as long as the earth revolves around the sun, such doubts should have disappeared with the renaming of James McCosh Elementary School in Chicago.
• • •

Free speech still struggles to survive, in Europe and in the USA [2007]
As the issuers of death threats and the torchers of homes and libraries constantly remind us, when mocking the First Amendment, "You have the right to try to be heard, but you don't have the right to be heard."
• • •

A hollowed out democracy [2006]
These media-conscious gurus have transformed the American political process, rendering it unrecognizable to those 18th century Founders.

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