Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The war machine has no need of citizen support

Writer Glenn Greenwald makes a chilling point. In spite of the notions on which this country was founded, the people's voice counts for nothing when it comes to constant warmaking. In fact, for America, war is the "normal state of affairs," and remains so, no matter what the people's choice in the polls might show.

At one time, at least our leaders paid lip service to the concept that wars should only be waged as a defensive action. Today, they no longer bother to do that. Nor do they bother to pretend that war, bombing, and occupation of other countries is necessary to protect the United States.

Greenwald claims that the fact that "a large majority of Americans oppose a war has little effect -- none, actually -- on whether the war will continue. Like so much of what happens in Washington, the National Security State and machinery of Endless War doesn't need citizen support. It continues and strengthens itself without it. That's because the most powerful factions in Washington -- the permanent military and intelligence class, both public and private -- would not permit an end to, or even a serious reduction of, America's militarized character. It's what they feed on. It's the source of their wealth and power."

And here's why the people's voice does not count: "As long as a President is waging wars and trying to control the world through military force, he desperately needs the CIA, the military, the entire National Security State apparatus, and thus cannot 'change' policies of secrecy, civil liberties, privacy and the like -- even if he wanted to. That's why being in a state of endless war doesn't merely raise discrete questions of this policy or that; it changes the character of the nation."

And so, this fall, Americans who want to put an end to the continued violation of Afghanistan, will take to the streets to register their disapproval and outrage -- only to be ignored again.

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