Friday, October 02, 2009

Dredging up the past: Part 2

As a follow-up to my recent post, Far from a "post-racial" society: Dredging up the past forever, here's some further news about the crusade to dig up and investigate old unsolved crimes claimed to have been committed against blacks.

Along with the Department of Justice and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the prospective Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act, comes the MacArthur Foundation. In awarding a half million dollars to investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell, the Foundation has given him the power to continue his lifelong pursuit of ferreting out crimes of the 1960s. With this recent financial windfall, he says that he plans to re-visit the Chaney/Schwerner/Goodman case, and other "cold" cases.

In my previous post, I questioned the judgment of unnecessarily stirring up racial acrimony over past injustices. It is as if there is a movement afoot to keep blacks permanently in an aggrieved state of mind. Of what value to black children is the resurrection and propagandizing of these past crimes? Is there any point at which black youth can cease to view themselves and their people as victims?

Will we never leave that period where black and white elites continue to cash in on race? Apparently, our "African-American" story will never cease to be a money stream for opportunists of varying stripes. Careers are still being made in this lucrative industry, as they were when I wrote, back in the 1980s, about the thousands of master's theses, doctoral dissertations, journal articles, magazine features, newspaper "reports," "discussion papers," TV documentaries and "specials," and the endless stream of books – all of which would never have made it off the typewriter roller or computer printer were it not for the "black problem." And, of course, the countless conferences, "institutes," task forces, panel discussions, lectures, seminars, and sundry miscellaneous programs and projects that are still being organized by the dozens every month of every year.

Now the money stream is flowing into the coffers of people like Mitchell, another white man of the breed who admits to wanting to make up for his "ignorance" of the 1960s, along with those government bureaucrats who can't find enough to keep themselves busy with present day reality. While this updated class of "researchers" feather their nests and add to their resumes, blacks are to be kept steeped in memories of lynchings and other grim reminders of the past.

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Anonymous said...

"It is as if there is a movement afoot to keep blacks permanently in an aggrieved state of mind."

It is as if?

I'm sure you know that this movement does in fact exist, and you can easily identify its members. Al Sharpton, the SPLC, most of the Democrat party, and just about every African-American studies "scholar" in our educational system. Keeping blacks aggrieved is a billion-dollar industry.

Elizabeth Wright said...

Anonymous said:
I'm sure you know that this movement does in fact exist ... Keeping blacks aggrieved is a billion-dollar industry.

You are absolutely right. Mine was, indeed, an understatement. In fact, if we were to date the advent of the serious crusade to hype grievances, say, to the 1960s, it would be easy to believe that remuneration has crossed well into the trillions of dollars. And there seems to be no end in sight.

Anonymous said...

The internet has made the data showing the disproportionately greater black-on-white crime common knowledge to whites. This, of course, lessens "white shame" over past misdeeds and may dry up the "white guilt" tribute to the race hustlers in the form of affirmative action, etc. So, of course, this necessitates revisiting the past by "solving unsolved" white-on-black crimes.

But, I think there is something even more insidious afoot here and that is the fact that, even in the face of a looming depression, our elite have no intentions of ending the in-sourcing and outsourcing of American jobs, leaving an ever-shrinking pie for blacks and whites to fight over.

Keeping blacks and whites pissed off at each other, keeps them distracted from the fact that our elite is slyly opening the ramparts to an invasion from every one else in the Third World. We are all fighting in a burning house.