Monday, March 08, 2010

The Southern Poverty Law Center, again

In a post of 10/21/09, Exposing the charlatans at the Southern Poverty Law Center, I offered a profile of this intrusive, self-appointed "anti-racist" Watchdog of America's thoughts and social habits. I discussed its "hit list," to which the SPLC applies its own inscrutable standards, and the organization's regular practice of character assassination as it links and smears individuals and groups.

Joining what is now becoming a chorus of voices speaking out against the arbitrary practices of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Reason magazine's Jesse Walker reveals the weak evidence offered by the SPLC in its disparagement of various activists and groups. Citing "scaremongering" for fundraising as the primary goal of the SPLC, Walker writes:

As far as the SPLC is concerned, though, skinheads and Birchers and Glenn Beck fans are all tied together in one big ball of scary. The group delights in finding tenuous ties between the tendencies it tracks, then describing its discoveries in as ominous a tone as possible.

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Immigration and the SPLC: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Invented a Smear, Served La Raza, Manipulated the Press, and Duped its Donors, published by CIS


Constructive Feedback said...

I am on their mailing list (along with that of the AFL-CIO).

Their antics are funny, predictable, shameless.

romanreb said...

I was fascinated to find out that I am on their list for being a Catholic who attends the Latin Mass. :)

Elizabeth Wright said...

But, of course. As far as the SPLC is concerned, anything that smacks of any sort of "traditionalism" is automatically suspect, because of its "exclusionary" nature.

Look at how gleeful the media is in reporting this latest story about individuals supposedly affiliated with "Christian militias," allegedly with plans to kill a bunch of people. Since the media worships SPLC data, I wouldn't be surprised if this is where they got their information while compiling this story.