Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr. Laura joins the ranks of the fainthearted

So, even the supposedly tough-minded talk show host Laura Schlessinger dissolves like putty when confronted with the noise of disapproval coming from the multicultural mob, for her use of the proscribed "Nigger" word. But what else could we expect on the heels of the black woman who telephoned the show, to get advice about her own "racist" white husband, his relatives and friends?

We've learned that even the take-no-prisoners Dr. Laura now accepts the notion that there is ONE word in the English language that is allowed to be spoken by members of only ONE group. Can we expect her to join with those insufferable whites who delight in telling of their disdain for the taboo word, and how they refuse to use it under any circumstances? "I won't even say it in private," they proudly prattle on, waiting for the pat of approval.

Dr. Laura might as well join in the campaign already underway to abolish the word "Nigger" from the lips of all non-blacks. Perhaps she will endorse a federal law to punish any non-black caught spewing it. This could sort of be an expansion of the New York City Council's Resolution of 2007, in which the public use of the word was symbolically "banned." Of course, this ban has meant nothing to those blacks who practice no restraint in their use of the prohibited term and are primarily responsible for extending its life, by keeping the epithet fresh in the popular lexicon.

Here are whites running from the accursed expression, while blacks fill New York City's air with it, and even sanctify the word. The gay website had fun by mocking the Council's ridiculous Resolution. Claiming that New York City was soon to be a "Nigger-free zone," the editor asked, "If the council's all about cleaning up people's politically incorrect potty mouths, where are the bans on spic, faggot, kike, chink and all those other nasties?"

Of course, those "other nasties" are generally terms well known to be spewed forth by blacks, more often than by members of any other group.

Most countries in Europe already have "word crime" laws, as part of their pernicious "hate crime" packages. Why not bring such innovation to these shores and join the Europeans? But, what am I thinking? All assaults on blacks (by non-blacks, of course) are first investigated to learn whether or not the "Nigger" word was hurled before the blows came. Then, thanks to "hate crime" statutes, the assaulter can be subject to extra penalties for the use of the term. Ooh, what he said! Since most assaults on blacks are perpetrated by fellow blacks, I wonder if there are any pre-assault verbiage investigations when the perp has an abundance of melanin. Want to guess?

By retreating on this issue of free speech, do whites really think that the cowardice they have displayed since the 1960s needs to be revealed any further? It is white cowardice that gave us those facets of that 1964 Civil Rights Act, that went over the top by stifling the movement for self-sufficiency and taking the wind out of the economic sails of blacks, while forcing whites to pick up the slack. It is white cowardice that made possible that outrageously unconstitutional Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. And how can we even keep count of the endless Affirmative Action and Quota laws around the land, that have undone any pretense at instilling fairness in society? All gifts of white cowardice.

Does Dr. Laura and her ilk really think the world needs any further evidence that whites are willing to submit to anything, but anything, to avoid offending black "sensitivities?" We get it. You will do anything, from overturning Articles in the Constitution, to denying free speech rights even to yourselves. We get it.

It is whites who fell to their knees in the 1960s, and have never gotten up. What fear of rioting and mayhem can do! And, even when a group declares, WE can do this, but YOU cannot, the whites' response isn't "That's what you think!" but, "Yes, Master, whatever you say." Dr. Laura confirms the three- to four-decade slide into docile obedience.

One of the games of the multiculturalists is to keep up front certain words and terminologies that are deemed off-limits to whites. In this way, whites can be raked over the coals whenever one strays. In 2005, black columnist Lovell Estell scorned the hypocrisy that he said envelops the word "Nigger," and offered his views on the forced resignation of a white baseball coach.

Estell suggested that in our PC-driven land, no white can be allowed exoneration, if he can be persecuted. Scoffing at the notion of the word "Nigger" as the "ultimate insult," he observed that "Most of the people who have called me one haven't been white folks." In defending the coach, Estell claimed that the man had never mistreated any of his black ballplayers, and was guilty only of "bad judgment" and an "idiotic faux pas," and, therefore, should be allowed to resume his career.

Did meaningful numbers of whites join in Estell's protest to reinstate the white coach? No, they ran, as usual, to hide under the bed or in a closet, abandoning the coach to his private hell. And, of course, like Dr. Laura, Senator Trent Lott, Doug Tracht (The Greaseman), and Don Imus, the coach apologized, and apologized, and apologized. But, hey, that's what white folks do.

In the early part of her dialogue with the black caller, who complained about whites making use of the Forbidden Word, Dr. Laura made an observation that would occur to anyone with common sense. She ruefully remarked, "Oh, I see. So, a word is restricted to race." But it was not too long afterward that she issued her initial apology, in which she whined that, after she realized she had "articulated the N-word all the way out," she was too upset to finish the show.

A final thought about the idiot black woman caller who spurred Dr. Laura's intemperate remarks. What kind of a dimwit, who marries out of her race, discovers that her white husband, his white relatives, and his white friends consider his black wife (namely, her) a daily punching bag for their humor, and then calls a stranger on the radio for advice? Is the husband trying to let the dense wife know that he's had enough of her, and desires to move on? Maybe it's time to take a hint, lady.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. Yes, many blacks often use that word, but Dr. Laura was wrong to assume she was one of them. The woman might have hated it's prevalence, or simply didn't want people saying in person what is entertaining in the fantasy land of television and music; as a fan of metal music, I can relate to the latter opinion.

I'm no leftist or groveler (far from it actually), but if I were married to a black woman and my white friends insulted her that way we wouldn't be friends anymore. It's not even a matter of race, in my opinion, but of a man not defending his wife. It's a betrayal of his role as a husband.

The Social Cynic said...

Although your last paragraph and assumption that the caller was a 'dimwit' left a bad taste in my mouth, I enjoyed this entry very much and appreciate a perspective on the subject that stands out from the others. I absolutely agree that many whites are hiding from the real issue of racism and that limiting free speech on the subject is counter-productive to any real progress.

Britton Deckert said...

As a white man who regularly uses the word Nigger I am offended by anyone who says I can't use it. Any white person who apologizes for using it is nothing but a souless butt-kissing coward that blacks and other non-whites laugh at. This nation is getting so PC and stupid. As a once proud and patriotic war veteran I cannot wait till this country we still mistakenly call "America" burns. No one with a spine and a brain would be proud to be a PC-American. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Context is everything. I refuse to use "n-word" as a substitute for nigger. However, calling a black person nigger as a means of expressing hostility is abhorrent to me.

I hear young whites call each other nigga in the same way people in earlier years used the words "pal" or "buddy". This was shocking to me, a white woman of 57 years, when I first heard it.

Times are changing. Some people need to wake up to that fact.

Anonymous said...

"All assaults on blacks (by non-blacks, of course) are first investigated to learn whether or not the "Nigger" word was hurled before the blows came."

And, as per recent example, when a disgruntled black employee goes and shoots up his workplace, the first (and only) thing investigated is whether or not someone there called him the "Nigger" word.

Anonymous said...

I do not consider myself a PC white, but I can understand a black getting upset if some white calls him or her a nigger, just like I would get upset if some black called me a cracker or redneck or white trash.

I know black people call each other nigger; Jeff Foxworthy made his living off of telling redneck jokes and his Blue Collar Comedy tour was all about white trash humor.

But what comes off as in-group familiarity can also come off as out-group insolence. There are boundaries that need to be respected by both sides of the equation.

And, as a woman, I have to side with the black bride. The white hubby knew his people well enough to guess what their reaction would be if he brought her home. Maybe, in retrospect, he should have walked away. But since he didn't, he should man up and make it clear that he expects his choice of wife to be respected and his bride to be treated with courtesy.