Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mindless Interventions

In 1999, in his book, A Republic Not an Empire, Pat Buchanan presciently wrote: "If we continue on this course of reflexive interventions, enemies will one day answer our power with the last weapon of the weak--terror, and eventually cataclysmic terrorism on US soil." And two years later, we lived through that cataclysmic terror.

In a recent syndicated column, Buchanan writes:

Now let me repeat the warning: If this Prodigal Nation does not cease its mindless interventions in quarrels and wars that are not America's concerns, our lot will be endless acts of terror until, one day, a weapon of mass destruction is detonated on American soil. What is it about global empire that is worth taking this risk?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your thoughts. Could it be that Mr. Buchanan meant the "last weapon of the weak?

Elizabeth Wright said...

Thanks for the correction. Done.