Sunday, March 04, 2007

Unalloyed Imperialism

When one powerful country invades and conquers a small, weak country thousands of miles away with a very different culture, language, history, religion, and society in order to replace its regime permanently with one resembling the occupier’s own, change its economic structure, control its most important resource, and use it to dominate and change other regimes in the region, that is classic, unalloyed imperialism. To refuse to admit this and cover it up with transparent dodges of liberation, democratization, self-defense, and Global War on Terror is to indulge still further in the comforting lies that are ruining America’s capacity for world leadership and even for democratic self-governance.

-- Paul W. Schroeder, "Liberating Ourselves," The American Conservative (October 9, 2006)


Anonymous said...

Bullshit. If you do not recognize we are in another generational fight for our existence - then say the shahada, fall to your knees and pray to allah! Cut to the chase.

You call yourself conservative but if this is what passes for conservative then we truly need to press the reset button in this country.

Elizabeth Wright said...

It's funny that we were in no "fight for our existence," as you put it, until we began meddling in other people's backyards and supporting a presumptuous little country in the Middle East and its agendas. Muslims had been sitting over in their territories hurling anathema at the West for centuries. They considered the Western lifestyle degenerate, as we considered theirs backward and stone age. Yet, they had no interest in flying planes into our buildings until decades of abominable intrusions convinced them that retaliation was their only recourse.