Monday, February 02, 2009

Immigration: How much more obnoxious can this get?

The AP headline: Bailed Out Banks Sought Foreign Workers For High-Paying Jobs

American workers can never expect to get a break from the globalizing traitors, who have shipped millions of jobs out of the USA. After dispatching said jobs away from the hands of Americans, these corporate schemers then bring thousands more aliens into this country for the jobs left over. Many of the banks that recently received federal bail-out money (from the taxes of dispossessed American workers) are among those that regularly import foreign labor. So, what happens when the economy goes belly-up, and even the aliens must be laid off?


Companies are required to pay foreign workers a prevailing wage based on the job's description. But they can use the lower end of government wage scales even for highly skilled workers; hire younger foreigners with lower salary demands; and hire foreigners with higher levels of education or advanced degrees for jobs for which similarly educated American workers would be considered overqualified. "The system provides you perfectly legal mechanisms to underpay the workers," said John Miano of Summit, N.J., a lawyer who has analyzed the wage data and started the Programmers Guild, an advocacy group that opposes the H-1B system.

"You're using taxpayer dollars and there's an expectation that there are benefits to the U.S.," said Ron Hira, a national expert on foreign employment and assistant public policy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. "What you're really doing is leaking away those jobs and benefits that should accrue to the taxpayers."

Jennifer Scott of Yreka, Calif., a retired technical systems manager at Bank of America in Concord, Calif., said in 2004 she oversaw foreign employees from a contractor firm that also sent overnight work to employees in India. "It had nothing to do with a shortage, but they didn't want to pay the U.S. rate," she said, adding that the quality of the work was weak. "It's all about numbers crunching."

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John Sobieski said...

It's absolute betrayal. liberals/leftists/useful idiots are altruists exemplar. Absolute alruism to the Other until your civilization and society mortally wounded. Now as we enter this trillion dollar great leap, I ask 'are we there yet? will you stop digging?' America's decline appears irreversible and that is a very bad thing.