Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waiting for the glorified fireman

The traditionalist conservative Rev. Chuck Baldwin does it again. He puts these self-declared "patriotic" Christians, who enabled and propped up George W. Bush for eight years, to shame. "Does anticipation of Christ's Second Coming," he asks, "excuse personal neglect, indifference, and downright laziness?" He argues that, if Christians of 18th century America had behaved as do their counterparts today, this country would still be a colony of the British Crown, and writes:

In the meantime, millions of Christians across America are trying to play God. They talk as if they know when Christ will come. It's actually worse than that. They have the attitude that they have no personal responsibility to defend freedom and resist despotism. They seem to look at God as some kind of glorified fireman, who is obligated to rush in at the last minute to rescue them from a burning fire – a fire that they helped ignite, or at least, refused to put out themselves when they had the opportunity to do so. It's the old, "God would not let that happen in America" syndrome. ... Are Christians in the United States really that arrogant as to believe that God loves them more than He loves believers in other countries?

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