Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make way for your replacement population

In The Rape of Europa: How the West is Overrun, Mark Hackard describes the role played by the U.S. government in its ongoing drive to eliminate Russia as a rival and gain access to Central Asia's energy resources. Washington, of course, cares nothing about the consequences of policies that must inevitably result in altered population demographics throughout Europe. Following are excerpts:

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The postmodern assault on traditional culture and Christianity that Poland and other Washington-allied East European nations are beginning to experience is already far advanced on the rest of the Continent, where secular hedonism and pop-democracy are more deeply entrenched. The European Union itself is but a grotesque parody of Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire. While EU governing elites and the complacent masses they rule carry ultimate responsibility for apostasy and decline, it is necessary that we recognize another driving force at work: U.S. power.

By its role in the NATO alliance and its network of bases, the United States has for 65 years shaped European strategic and political discourse and retained its dominant position. There is a shared, institutionalized worldview at work fostered by successive generations of transatlantic elites, from politicians and corporate leaders to policy experts and military officers. This may seem a rather obvious point, but it is crucial to acknowledge the ideological aspect of U.S. hegemony -- perpetuation of the liberalism and materialism that so define the “free world”. ...

With Marxism discredited at the end of the bipolar era, only one messianic ideology was left standing. In the two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, America has gloried in the triumph of the liberal revolution and ceaselessly proselytized its globalization. Perhaps the most important target of this effort has been the former Soviet space. To eliminate Moscow as a rival and gain Central Asia’s energy resources would bring Washington to a level of dominion over the world never yet achieved. ...

The comprehensive military presence the United States enjoys in Europe provides it not only unquestioned leadership in the “Euro-Atlantic Community”, but also a platform for expansion into Eurasia’s heartland and the prosecution of wars in the Middle East. The foreign-policy analyst Doug Bandow wonders aloud why the Army’s V Corps remains stationed in Heidelberg rather than stateside:

About 52,000 American troops are in Germany. Obviously the most populous and prosperous country at the center of Europe doesn't need defending. The likelihood of Russian troops marching on Berlin and clambering up the Bundestag building is somewhat akin to that of the Martians landing and conducting a modern War of the Worlds.

The only other reason to have forces in Germany is because that country is closer to other places where Washington wants to send U. S. personnel -- but shouldn't. German bases once devoted to preventing a Red Army conquest are now handling casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan. However, if the U. S. wasn't promiscuously warring on other nations, it wouldn't need a German way-station in Europe. ...

No study of Europe’s subjection to transatlantic elites would be complete without mentioning the use of Muslims to further divide and demoralize its peoples. For the past 30 years, beginning with covert U.S. support to the Afghan mujahideen, Washington has courted Islamic power as a vehicle of influence in Eurasia, and Europe is no exception in this regard. Through the course the 1990s NATO bombarded Serbs and introduced peacekeeping troops into the Balkans to create Muslim states Bosnia and Kosovo on the carcass of Tito’s Yugoslavia. ...

U.S. diplomacy also celebrates Turkey, with a foothold in Thrace and its two million countrymen in Germany, as an up-and-coming European nation. Washington has long advocated Turkey’s entry into the EU, with all its attendant consequences for native European populations. ...

Faced with waxing Turkish power and assertive and growing populations of Muslim migrants, Europeans may yet react and begin to reclaim their lands and heritage. But they must know that in their resistance, it is entirely likely they will receive not U.S. support, but hostility to their cause and possibly armed intervention on behalf of Muslim belligerents. ... The tribes of Europa are told to forget their past, reject their faith and ethnic identity, and their very place in the Cosmos. “Place no hope in the future,” they are commanded, “for your replacements have arrived.”

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Rusty Mason said...

Thank you, Mrs. Wright, for these articles. I, too, am totally fed up with spineless conservatives. But the immigration disaster and the accompanying multiculti poison did not just happen by themselves.

People need to understand that there is and has been an undeclared war waged against Western countries, and that there is a certain group which is always at the front of every Marxist/multicultural initiative:
"Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe," says Jewish researcher

The same group has always been the leader for mass immigration:
Jewish involvement in influencing United States immigration policy, 1881-1965: A historical review.

Until conservatives can face the root cause of this, nothing will be done to fix it.

Elizabeth Wright said...

Rusty, Yes, I understand this background. And I'm a great admirer of Professor MacDonald's work, which offers some brilliant insights. I was amazed when I first encountered his writings to discover some of my own conclusions that were forming in me since my teenage years. I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and, thanks not only to my own observations, but to some very candid "confessions" you might call them by Jewish friends, I learned a lot about the longstanding, almost eternal drama being played out between gentile and Jew. And I also figured out just how blacks came to be used against the gentile in this eternal drama.

But at this point, I feel that's neither here nor there. For whites to keep complaining about this background is absurd. It's just as absurd as blacks who whine about what the white man did to them, instead of taking advantage of the many opportunities to pick up their butts and cut out the crap.

So, when is the white man going to stop the whining, stop succumbing, cease showing what a fraidy cat he is? All he has done over these past decades is show his enemies throughout the world that he's now ripe for his undoing. The Muslims will come first, and then the Chinese. Why not?

By the way, that YouTube account of that Spectre woman is an amazing bit of frankness and honesty.

Rollory said...

"So, when is the white man going to stop the whining, stop succumbing, cease showing what a fraidy cat he is?"

Depends on the context. One man standing up and shouting the truth just makes himself a target to no purpose. The problem is all the others who don't dare do the same.

As individuals, we have to keep our heads down, and work on an individual basis to preserve our immediate families and withdraw our sanction from the system - in other words, pay the minimum into the tax system, don't depend on or call on government programs or organizations of any sort whenever it is at all avoidable, do not teach your children to respect this government, learn to live so that its importance and influence is minimized.

Only when there are enough individuals who realize each other's existence, that are willing to challenge the existing power system, will serious change happen. There might be serious social and political discontinuities first.