Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terry Anderson, R.I.P.

"If you ain't mad, you ain't payin' attention!" I can't count the number of times I heard Terry Anderson recite that refrain on his radio show. I was hooked, and had to have my weekly Sunday night Terry fix. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to do so, and rarely missed his broadcast from Los Angeles.

Terry was a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, and had watched first hand as this social poison altered once stable communities in southern California. As a black working man, he and many of his friends had been directly impacted by the cheap labor resulting from the alien invasion. When the opportunity presented itself to host a radio program dedicated to the subject, he took it.

After his show went off the air last year, I would check from time to time to learn if it might return. I had no idea he was seriously ill. This week we all learned that Terry died of pancreatic cancer.

Following are excerpts from appreciative friends and listeners who will miss Terry's wit and determination.

Brenda Walker, on the Vdare BlogFarewell to a Fearless Patriot, Terry Anderson

From his front-row seat in South Central Los Angeles, Terry saw the demographic invasion before other Americans who lived further from the border. He described the racism against blacks which Mexicans brought with them into his own city, but mostly he spoke as an American, for all citizens who care about the country.

Terry started out as a concerned citizen who phoned kindred spirit and talk-show host George Putnam on the radio (another late, great patriot). Those calls led to friendship and eventually to a radio program that was exclusively about immigration, The Terry Anderson Show.

Author Dan Sheehy devoted a chapter of his 2005 book which focused on patriotic activists, Fighting Immigration Anarchy, to Terry Anderson — his life, his immigration awakening and his radio activism.

Terry was a genuine everyman, a blue-collar guy who worked as an auto mechanic, and saw himself as “articulating the popular rage.” The lack of a fancy academic degree never stopped him from being a powerful speaker. And he didn’t just talk forcefully — although he was known for that — he was well versed in all the complex issues of immigration and blended them seamlessly into his thoughts.

Walter Moore, Remembering Terry Anderson

Terry’s articulation of the popular rage was therapeutic. When you heard Terry rant, you knew you weren’t alone. You also knew you were right, because Terry knew right from wrong, and knew how to explain it simply and clearly. Politicians could blow all the smoke they wanted to, but it never clouded Terry’s vision. He had uncommon common sense, and a unique ability to zero in on the truth.

Assembling parts so they work together was apparently second nature to Terry. After he passed away, I read an article about how, from a very early age, he had a knack for taking bits and pieces from wrecked cars, salvaging them, and putting them together to work, good as new.

That’s basically what he was doing with our country. He was salvaging those of us who had given up hope. He found some of us here in L.A., others in Nevada, still others in Illinois -- scattered people, all over America, who thought they were alone.

Terry united and connected people all over America who actually care about America. He was like Radio Free Europe and the French underground rolled into one. He provided important information we couldn’t find anywhere else.

William Gheen, President, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC)

For those of you who did not know Terry Anderson, he was also called 'The Prisoner of South Central.' His radio show aired on Sunday nights for an hour on KRLA radio out of Los Angeles. The show was carried on 30 stations across America and Terry had a huge online listenership that either tuned in live each week or caught his podcasts.

Terry's show was created to fight against illegal immigration. Terry Anderson warned the nation about what was happening in South Central Los Angeles as the illegal alien invaders displaced poor Americans in the area turning parts of LA into a third world slum barrio with chickens and goats running around in the streets!

Terry Anderson was a very brave black man who educated America about the negative impacts of illegal immigration on the black community and he fearlessly spoke out and stood up in the face of the illegals on their home turf.

Over the past five years, it was my great honor to be on Terry Anderson's show over ten times. I got to work with him in person during Unite To Fight, 1 & 2, conducted by radio show host Mark Edwards in Las Vegas back in 2005 and 2006. I also worked with Terry in Washington, DC during Hold Their Feet To The Fire in 2007.

I hope those who have copies and podcasts of all of Terry Anderson's shows will place them in a prominent place on the web. I hope that another great patriot will step forward to take over Terry Anderson's show immediately, pick up his torch and run forward in his absence. ALIPAC will be happy to donate to help preserve Terry's podcasts and to continue his show.

Terry Anderson, I will miss you my friend and I want your family to know how much real Americans appreciate all that you have done for our nation. You cannot speak anymore Terry, but I will always speak out for you.

[See the ALIPAC site for videos of Terry Anderson's presentations]

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The sad thing is that the MSM would not give him any media exposure while granting a pulpit to notorious bootleg "preacher" Al Sharpton and his ilk.