Monday, April 14, 2008

The Democrats' cul-de-sac

Some stark observations from the American Thinker website. Contrary to what we are urged to believe, is Obama really the most overtly racial candidate?

The Democrats' cul-de-sac

By James Edmund Pennington

The current agony of the Democratic Party, which grows more acute every day, is laden with an unspoken truth. As the unending Clinton-Obama struggle drags on, the core unutterable reality for Democrats is simply this: because of the composition of the Party's domestic coalition, its continued electoral viability makes absolutely necessary perpetual capture of 90+% of the black vote.

Because of this grim fact -- of the Party's own making -- the Clinton/Obama fight is over. Obama has won, and every leading Democrat knows it. In short, because of his race, Obama must be awarded the Democratic nomination. So much for the myth of America's first major post-racial candidate.

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