Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama, the multi-cult President

Because of the horrors that Americans have watched take place in our name over the last eight years, it is understandable that some people would eagerly import aliens from the Moon, Mars or Saturn, or even “E.T.” himself, to replace the unworthy incumbents in Washington.

Different sets of people have different reasons for being enamored with and in support of Barack Obama. Some, just wishing to be perverse, think it would be cute to elect someone so far off the beaten track, so different from all the past politicians who have won the Presidency. They exult in Obama's unusualness, his strangeness – from his family background (a polygamous/bigamist father and a mother of questionable behavior), to his ambiguous racial lineage and roots, to his manifest identity problems (possibly reflecting a psychological disorder). He might be the first President to go under counseling as a resident of the White House. He is different, indeed.

Then there are those who think they're doing an in-your-face to conventional whites, whom they perceive as up-tight bigots, and evil at that. These snide Obama-ites (they come in all colors and ethnicities, including white) think they are making mischief as they attempt to overturn the ties that bind white Americans to their history, thereby upsetting the norm, which proclaims that Presidents come from the majority population, the natural descendants of the Founders. For these Obama-ites, it's all a lot of fun helping to create what they perceive as public discomfort and they enjoy the prospect of not just breaking, but shattering tradition.

And there are those who envision the ascendance of Obama as the just deserts of the despicable tyrants who now prevail in Washington and the people who made their reign possible – sort of an “Up yours!” with the finger to go along with it. As they push this black man from nowhere, they are smirking with glee, “This is what you get for eight horrible years of callousness, warmongering, and for hubris of an order previously unknown to mankind!”

And then there's the media. Since members of the media are whores, they want Obama elected because of the fun and games his presidency would provide. Caring nothing about the welfare of this country, they dream of an endless array of kinky stories they can sell and sell. And they are bound to find them and keep them coming.

As they dig up and embellish tales about Obama's siblings and other relations, there won't be enough newsprint or video footage to contain them. What a feast they are going to make of stories about his Kenyan half-siblings (by his bio-father's polygamous marriage), his Indonesian-white half- and step-siblings, and his all-white half-siblings. Then there's his father's third wife, who was also a white woman. Where are those offspring? And wait till they unearth dear, old Mom's journeys from land to land and learn of the boyfriends in between the three husbands that we know of. The media is going to blow a gasket reporting on all this multicultural amusement.

We are supposed to think of Obama as being blessed by the “rich tapestry” of all those blended cultures. But is he? Could one not also see a confusing polyglot that makes understandable why Shelby Steele's biography of Obama delves so much into aspects of his self-identity? If he is the country's choice for President, there will never be a dull moment.

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