Saturday, April 05, 2008

Those quaint Indians

There they were, as telephone guests, on New York's Public Radio station, WNYC, two men from India who live here in the city, trying to explain why so many men, like themselves, return to India to find wives. One man claimed that 80% of Indian men do this. Instead of settling for the American variety, that is, either Indian women acclimated to American culture, or women of other races and ethnicities, these men expressed their preference for mates born and bred in their homeland.

And there was the Public Radio host, ever faithful to the multicultural cause, questioning (with an edge in his voice) such a “quaint” custom. Along with him was a female guest offering the usual bromide that such men return home because they desire only "submissive" women. No, one man retorted, Indian men desire a marriage that will keep them within their customs and traditions, and even religions. (Why is it that no one ever explains why so-called submissive women have no right to husbands?)

But the host persisted, never coming out and saying it, but making it clear that he would prefer such men to intermarry with the other races that they find here in the good old USA. The host, a big promoter of “bi-racial” intimacy, at times sounded personally offended by some of the points made by the Indian men, especially the suggestion that they saw no advantages to bedding down in permanent partnership with women of cultures other than their own.

These men may not have known it, but they had just expressed the ultimate no-no. Nothing pierces the heart of a multi-cultist more than the expression of such heresy. If men like these prevail, how will we ever get to mix up the races and bring Paradise on earth?

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