Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stuff and white folks

By now, most people have caught up with one of the funniest blogs on the Internet – Stuff White People Like. Although designed to be pointedly satirical, some of the responses to the blogger's posts can be quite serious -- like this comment in response to post #20 - "Being an expert on YOUR culture." The responder deals with Europeans' past history of colonization, and the pretentiousness of many whites to counter their guilty feelings about this history, by trying to become "experts" on other people's cultures. The writer also suggests some of the inner drives that keep whites from standing up for themselves as European-Americans.

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Comment posted by: About as White as it gets (2/15/08)

This is [the] most obnoxious part about being white. But it's important to understand that this “expertise” is based on white people's own self-hatred.

White people are so ignorant of history they actually believe that they’re the only people in history ever to have "oppressed" other people. They are also totally convinced that no people have ever "oppressed" white people. The invasions and untold slaughters into Europe by the Mongols, Moors, Arabs, Turks, Huns, and other assorted Asian or North African peoples is one big blank of history. Even more comical is the idea that places like "the New World" were like great big Grateful Dead concerts, before Europeans arrived. Never mind the Aztecs wiping out the Incas or sacrificing over 20,000 babies so the sun would rise in the morning, white people don’t want to hear it.

Don’t tell a white person that the Arab slave trade consumed 10 times more black Africans compared to their own slave trade, as the white will explain that the Arabs treated their slaves much better. And NEVER bring up the fact to a white person that the Muslims also enslaved an untold number of white slaves out of Europe during the “Dark Ages.”

This is a form of White supremacism that is very misunderstood. It's basically telling the world "Well, we expect you to slaughter, invade, colonize people but we’re white, so its very bad if we do it, and not so much if you do." It's basically telling the world that they're a bunch of animals, who, of course, act like animals, but only whites should be held accountable because they’re white (read: Human).

The reason whites become "experts" in other cultures is to suppress the hate they feel towards their own feelings of superiority. It sounds confusing but it's kind of like letting your little niece win in checkers to make her feel good and afterwards feeling bad about it. A white person must never show any positive feelings towards anything accomplished by a white person, but must always point out that when a non-white accomplishes something that they were the "first" fill-in-the-blank, to do so. At the same time, if a white person accomplishes something, it's for "humanity" or for "mankind." To you non-whites reading this, I know this must sound confusing as hell, but we’re a very strange people.

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